Letters to the Editor

College of Law faculty, administration explain continuation of Cold Case Justice Initiative

The dean and faculty of the College of Law, and the co-directors of the Cold Case Justice Initiative are pleased to confirm that the racial justice work of the Cold Case Justice Initiative is continuing at the College of Law. The educational and volunteer opportunities provided by CCJI’s work are available to students as are the contributions by professors Paula Johnson and Janis McDonald in other areas of the curriculum. CCJI maintains an office at the college and receives administrative support, and professors Johnson and McDonald have access to summer grants for their research and scholarship related to civil rights and social justice.  Similar to other programs, CCJI has an opportunity to raise funds to support and sustain its social justice work.

We thank the SU community for your interest in, and support of, the Cold Case Justice Initiative and the College of Law.

Paula C. Johnson & Janis L. McDonald, Professors, Cold Case Justice Initiative

Craig M. Boise, Dean College of Law &

The Faculty of Law


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