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Our Readers: Past-elected officials of the Student Association 58th session endorse James Franco and Angie Pati

It is our core belief, that every individual that hopes to take the mantle of Student Association President and Vice-President does so with their best intentions in mind. However, ‘corporate knowledge’ surrounding leadership and the institution that is SA itself, can often go unnoticed — resulting in individuals failing to accomplish certain goals or worse seeing time pass by without proactively addressing the needs and issues of the students who believed in their value and message to begin with.

As past-elected officials of the Student Association 58th session, we’ve been fortunate to see many members of the Association develop as individuals, students and most importantly, leaders.

As such, it is with great pleasure that we write to formally endorse, an individual that embodies leadership and ‘corporate knowledge,’ James Franco, as the next Student Association President and his running-mate Angie Pati — an individual who has spoken at lengths about the importance of having a balance organization with their thumb on the pulse of the undergraduate student body — as the next Student Association Vice-President.

We’ve come to see James develop tremendously as a student leader throughout our past tenure; perfecting his leadership skills and learning the importance of being an active listener and a team player. His patience and careful attention to detail portray his rationalization and thought process.

Yet, even more impressive is the dynamic synergy James and Angie have illustrated thus far, understanding that in order for the Student Association to be successful, they’ll need to present a strong and united front with realistic goals and expectations.

James and Angie’s experience working with other organizations and strong sense to develop robust relationships with students via peer listening services; exemplify their commitment to the student body and most importantly defined what a student leader should be — a great listener with the tools to make life a bit better and easier.

We wholeheartedly believe James and Angie will absolutely work for the best interest of all students and urge you all to vote for them.


Boris Gresely, President of the 58th Session

Daniela Lopez, Vice President of the 58th Session


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