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Reader promotes alcohol awareness, BeWise campaign

As a Syracuse University student, I was intrigued by the article regarding emergency room visits for intoxicated students published by The Daily Orange in March. As alcohol, specifically alcohol abuse, is extremely prevalent on Syracuse’s campus, it is important that organizations such as BeWise do things to help combat the issue. For those of you who don’t know, BeWise Peer Educators are a Recognized Student Organization that promote the BeWise campaign, which is run through the Office of Health Promotion to generate awareness of alcohol poisoning, how to avoid it, its signs and how to respond to it.

Coincidentally, April is Alcohol Awareness Month. As a part of this month’s message, and BeWise’s general campaign, posters will be put up in multiple locations including local bars, residence halls and green spaces on main campus. Alcohol abuse occurs in many of these locations, and BeWise wants to ensure that students know where to turn when they need help.

The message these posters will convey is different than most alcohol awareness campaigns. BeWise doesn’t ridicule those who drink, but rather coaches them on how do it safely and smartly. Another major component of BeWise’s campaign is the use of the acronym CUPS: Cold Skin, Unresponsive, Puking and Slow Breathing – the leading signs of alcohol poisoning. BeWise wants all Syracuse University students to know this acronym, as it can help save a life.

It is important that alcohol awareness is prevalent throughout our campus, not only during the month of April, but year-round, and BeWise is striving to do just that.


Riva Goldberg


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