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Reader responds to lack of ‘tangible solutions’ presented for international students at Student Association debate

It’s rare to see international students represented at high positions here on campus.

Maybe it’s because we are, statistically speaking, a much smaller population compared to American students. Maybe it’s the ever-present cultural and language barrier that we learn to overcome constantly. Maybe it’s just the way things work here in the United States.

So, imagine my excitement when I learned that an international student was running for Vice President of Student Association. I rarely hear of students like this bravely stepping up to such a position of height and power. I became even more excited when I learned that part of their campaign was to focus on integrating international students with the rest of campus. I was so excited, and couldn’t help feeling hopeful. If you have the chance to have your voice represented within your student council, of course you would do anything to vote them into office. It’s part of your membership to the group, and part of your pride as a human being.

But as I ran a camera at the debate last Sunday, trying to listen to Tyler Rossi’s commending remarks of Roy Tin, I felt disappointed. I didn’t hear anything elaborate about how international students would be helped. There were no tangible solutions, only insistence that they would do all they can. Granted, the vice presidents were not able to debate, so I did not hear Roy’s side of his platform. Yet my confidence in the candidate, who I thought best represented students like myself, wavered. It seemed as if the pair were only advocating for international students because one of the candidates came from China.

Have I chosen who to vote for? To be honest, I don’t know yet. Despite being bothered by these things, I still thought both the candidates did a good enough job to defend their platforms and beliefs. I want to exercise my right to vote in this university, and to educate myself more on the process. Hopefully, in upcoming days, I will decide who to vote for. Maybe then I will know who will really reach out to the international student population.

Lianza Isabel Reyes

Syracuse University, class of 2020

Broadcast and digital journalism major

Associate Producer at CitrusTV


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