Letters to the Editor

Syracuse University chapter of Democracy Now endorses James Franco and Angie Pati to lead Student Association

After having had productive meetings with both candidates, Democracy Matters believes that James Franco and Angie Pati best reflect the ideas that represent the goals of our organization. James and Angie exhibit a great interest in what our organization stands for and have listened to our concerns about several initiatives, including the recent Koch donation, and many others that DM has worked on over the past year.

Additionally, their main message of “Productivity > Reactivity” will help bring real change to the campus faced with inequality and hardships for certain underrepresented groups. We hope to work in the next year with James and Angie on their mission to give more representation to student organizations fighting for change within our student body.

James and Angie are the school leaders that students deserve to move forward and reform for a Student Association truly representative of our student body. We plan on continuing to work with James and Angie as our President and Vice President on our many initiatives in the future!


Democracy Matters


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